48 Hours in Valencia

Valencia is one of my favourite cities. Not only can you find the beach in the center of the city (less than a 30 min tram ride!) the weather is awesome, the people are friendly, and it is the home of paella!

So what can you do in Valencia in 48 hours? 

  1. Discover the City with Locals!

    Valencia Free Tour is a group of absolutely lovely people who offer free tours around the city that are about two hours long. Free?! Yes, free! Well, technically. One of their expert guides will tell you everything you need to know (I mean EVERYTHING) in their morning or afternoon tours. They are all licensed guides and you can choose a tour in English or Spanish. When the tour is finished, there is an open tip that you can offer based on what you can afford and how much you think the tour is worth. The tour is fantastic so you should just throw your money at them. We were led by a young lady called Victoria (Spanish tour) and we paid her 15 euros each, and booked the afternoon tour with her as well. From what I could see the average tip was between 10-20 euros per person. They also give you time att the end of the tour to ask about restaurants, bars, and museums that you may be interested in. Check them out here.

     2. Eat a delicious and shockingly cheap dinner!

    I promise you I am not receiving bribes to express my excessive enthusiasm about Restaurante Blanquerias. It is almost always full for dinner, so book in advance. Unless, of course you prefer to eat at normal human time around 8-9pm and not Spanish time at 10:00pm. In that case, you will find a free table like we did! I am usually skeptical about food that comes in small portions with a creative set-up. I am not too into spending tons of money and leaving the restaurant hungry enough to order a pizza afterwards. Restaurante Blanquerias was not like this at all. Not only are the staff extremely polite, the food is fantastic and filling! All for 20 euros per person. There is a fixed menu, so you can’t choose what you want to eat, but believe me, it doesn’t matter.

    3. Lounge in a bathtub in the middle of the room.

    YES, that’s right. At San Lorenzo Boutique Hotel you can have a shower in the bathroom, or a bath in the bedroom. It doesn’t need to be practical to be amazing after a long day of walking. You can open up a bottle of wine and have a bubble bath in front of the terrace that is right above one of the main streets in the historical city centre. Everything you need to see in Valencia is about 10 min away on foot, and the metro is close by if you want to check out the City of Arts and Sciences. As far as location goes, you can’t find anything better, especially for this price range! The rooms are very clean and you can get a nice breakfast at the cafe next door.


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