Quit Your Job and Travel The World (Not!)

It is 2017 and travel blogging is insanely over-saturated. The number one lie many Instagram influencers/ bloggers/ social media coaches will try to sell you is that you can actually quit your job, miraculously travel the world and sleep in 5 star hotels for free. This could have been possible in 2014-2015 before the new Instagram algorithm kicked in or before there were 700 million active users on Instagram!

My advice to you: don’t buy it. Literally and figuratively. Do not spend hundreds of dollars on blogging courses claiming to teach you how to monetize your blog in one year. It won’t happen. If you Google travel blogging, most of the results you see are “how to” courses written by other bloggers, often for a price. It is extremely difficult to monetize your blog, get a paid Instagram sponsorship, or even get a stable base of readers on your blog. In fact, I will be shocked if anyone other than my mom reads this.

Other bloggers will not read your blog because they are too busy promoting their own. It’s easy to get sucked into the idea of living a life à la @Doyoutravel (if you don’t know who they are, you’re living under your Instagram rock). It simply isn’t possible. These people started way before you and I did, which gave them a massive head start when there was much more demand but not a lot of supply.

This isn’t about discouraging you from writing about your travels, but it’s about being realistic. I’ve got a few messages asking me how I am able to travel for free. I don’t. I work two jobs (as a teacher and translator) and a lot of my extra money goes into my Instagram and setting up weekend day trips around Italy.  I have invested way more than I have made to date (probably a grand total of about $400).

Start travelling because it is something you love to do. If it is something you feel passionate about you may see a return after establishing your image in about 5-6 years. Until then, remember that the spontaneously curated Instagram picnics and rose petal filled bathtub moments are not real life. Make memories and forget about the money and somewhere along the line it will fall into place.

….If it doesn’t, you’ll have some great stories to tell.


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